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Rehabilitation Training after Injury


Rehabilitation Training after Injury

Anyone who has been in an accident, pulled a muscle, broken a bone, suffered a disease or illness, or otherwise been injured is a good candidate for rehabilitation training. Rehabilitation training is designed to strengthen the body and muscles, relieve pain, and return the injured person back to a normal lifestyle.

Empower Personal Trainers have worked with clients who have suffered:

Torn ACL, Sprained muscles, Whiplash, Broken bones, Inflammatory diseases of the joints, Parkinson’s, Head injury and MS.

Empower personal trainers will work with you to get you back to your healthy lifestyle. We take great pride in our attention to detail. We will work with your doctor, physiotherapist or allied health professional to provide the training and exercise you need.

From teaching you a new way to do traditional exercises to teaching you better ways to manoeuvre as you recover, Empower will help you recover with ease. In your physical rehabilitation training program, we will review your course of treatment, measure your current strength and flexibility, as well as analyse your current functionality.

Empower has found that often a person who utilises rehabilitative personal training can be restored 100 percent. Empower has personal trainers who will work with you to strengthen the body and reverse any rehabilitation injury you may have. Our goal is to get you back to your job, your home, your family, and your life as quickly as possible.

We will also work with you to provide ways to relieve any pain you may be experiencing, restore your full function and movement, and teach you any special adaptations you may need to make. We realize this is a difficult time and we want to provide the support and encouragement you need in order to recover to your fullest. We pledge to work as hard as you do to provide rehabilitation injury recovery.

Our rehabilitation exercises differ from our regular exercise programs. Empower personal trainers also work to provide you with a customised rehabilitation program you can use at home between visits. In addition to exercises, we will also give you the motivation you need to return to an active lifestyle.