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FATKEEPER – Blog Week 1

We all applaud the huge success of Jobkeeper and Jobseeker.  Millions of Australians jobs and many businesses have been saved.

But today, in the interests of my own sanity and health, I am declaring the official END of my very own FATKEEPER – where unfortunately countless fat cells and unwanted kilos have been saved.  As the country experienced one of its toughest times in history, Jobkeeper ingeniously connected Australian workers with their employer providing hope and certainty during such difficult and challenging times.

Bunkered down in isolation, FATKEEPER disingenuously kept me connected with my triggers, using food to suppress and soothe all the stress and negative feelings.  I retreated, stopped engaging and went overboard on the negative self-talk.

Like Scomo, I am looking for practical solutions.  So, today I started with a much overdue nutrition session with the Empower Nutrition Guru Seanie. Just like the devastating unemployment numbers that reveal the true pain and hurt Australians are going through – my FATKEEPER stats were equally devastating.  A 13cm increase (not in productivity) but in my bust size. 

And so, as the treasurer declared, these devasting numbers reveal the scale of the challenge we face and the mountain we have to climb. 

This morning was a dark, shameful time, as I weighed in at 136.5kg – the heaviest I have ever been.

But I can see a slithering ray of light and I have to keep moving towards it each and every day.  I am surrounded by my Empower support team who are focused and disciplined and will partner with me every step of the way over the next 4 quarters to reverse these figures and stop my FATKEEPER spread. 

The negative voice in my head wakes up and I get distracted.

Will we be forced into another lockdown?

Will they ever find a vaccine?

Many challenges for the government lay ahead and no-one can let their guard down.

My challenge is to promote my own health policy that encourages long-term compliance.  Just like NSW I am standing at an uncomfortable crossroads, a “critical point”.  As our anxiety rises and falls with the virus numbers, mine will rise and fall each week on the scale.

Unlike Victoria, my personal source of infection is known … I need to identify every case of emotional binge eating and stamp out transmission. 

I am a super-spreader who must be contained.

Join me for my journey to find the right control practices – tracking, resistance training, accountability and honesty as I work my way through slowing my transmission rate to halt my FATKEEPER pandemic. 





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  • Dawn
    22.07.2020 at 5:20 am

    Oh wow Dana how true is your blog. i have definitely had FATKEEPER issues. Its quite insidious. inspired to refocus and find the cure once and for all. .. GO GIRL XX

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