Bula from Fiji,

As I tearfully waved goodbye to Fur Face and Adonis clutching my custom-made exercise program, I felt confident that despite all the temptations that Fiji would offer, my motivation and determination would see me through. Let’s face it … unless you are Oprah Winfrey, who holidays with their trainer?

I had eagerly checked out the gym online and packed five sets of the latest must-have Lulu Lemon gear.

Day 1 – Of course I was jet-lagged from the epic 4 hour flight so I decided to rest the first day and acclimatise. There’s always tomorrow …

Day 2 – Wake up and get dressed straight away into my exercise clothes. Three hours later I’m still at the buffet … however I have done multiple laps so I calculate I have worked off at least half a croissant. After breakfast which finished at lunchtime I set about applying sunscreen, which is a full body workout in itself. Then there is the hot spa which Women’s Day researchers claim melts the fat away … all in all a good, active day then.

Day 3 – Water Aerobics Fiji style. Reluctantly crawled out of the hot spa and made it to the pool. Put my arms in the air and jiggled all about for a full 30 mins – We all know it’s much harder to move in water therefore it must be strenuous and count as high intensity.

Day 4 – Cruising the South Seas in a dinghy. Due to the cyclone the sea was angry that day my friends … an equivalent to being on a vibration belt for 2 hours. It must have been a good workout because it required a sleep in the hammock for the rest of the afternoon to recover.

Day 5 – Determined to do something from my custom-made program I excitedly dressed in my exercise clothes and head to the beach with the intention of a morning run. Alas, the sun was already up in full force and being the responsible adult that I am I decided that the Burre (which also doubles as a poolside Bar) would provide better protection for my delicate, fair skin.
SLIP into the burre
SLOP down a daiquiri
SLAP into the sun lounge.
A few cocktails later I decide to do a low intensity walk on the beach. I take off my shoes and quickly burn calories doing the hot sand shuffle … a short high intensity workout followed by a long cool down in the burre.

Day 6 – Snorkelling around a remote island was a pleasant low intensity workout until panic set in when attacked by a big blue jellyfish – Adrenalin took over and fleeing for my life I would have swam at least 20 metres to the boat.
The afternoons activity consisted of stand up paddle boarding which assumes you stand up … a big assumption for me. Unfortunately no calories burnt.

After such a strenuous week one must reward all the hard work with a relaxing beach massage – just the thing to soothe my overworked aching muscles.

For those of you wondering how I went with food … don’t panic. When I passed through customs I made a mental note of the exchange rate … 1 Australian calorie = 1.4 Fijian calories – great value! Then subtract for the tons of sweat constantly pouring out of me from the 50 degree temperature every day – equivalent to living in an infra red sauna! No need for scales – I just stand next to a Fijian and I feel as if I am a waif-like Victoria’s Secret Model! Note to self – always travel to a country where you look thinner than the locals!

To Fur Face and Adonis just one last message. As they say in Fiji:

Can’t wait to see you all at 6.30am class Monday morning!

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