BLOG – Day 129
Remember when we were in school (yes, a long time ago!)
3.10pm on a Friday afternoon. Five long, painful minutes till the bell. I wasn’t listening to a word Mr Deadletter was saying as he excitedly rubbed himself up and down the spine of the  creaking wooden chair, profusely sweating in his brown vinyl jacket …
And there it was…the sound of freedom. Two glorious days without routine where we could let loose.
30 years later and I still get that sense of freedom on Friday afternoons – and I still let loose. Bra comes off at 6pm (they have been locked up all week!) and there is a change of atmosphere in the house as tomorrow is not a “school day”.
Unfortunately, the days of doing what I want, when I want are long gone. My weekends are now filled with an exhausting schedule of school sport, kids’ birthday parties and ubering for moody teenagers (and not getting paid for it or even thanked for the outstanding service). The only thing left in common with my childhood carefree weekends is that stubborn, pesky voice in my brain which is still encouraging me to eat whatever I want simply because it’s the weekend!
It’s always the same …. My food is relatively healthy Monday to Friday, but on the weekend – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!
The scientist who discovers a morning-after pill for over-indulgent weekends that we can swallow at 8am Monday mornings would go down in history as the greatest inventor of all time …
Every inch of me tries in vain to stay on the healthy path sipping green smoothies and chomping on kale and quinoa – but every weekend, life seems to get in the way and I have no other choice but to eat crap. Here are some of my very valid reasons why I need to eat the foods on Saturday and Sunday that I try so hard generally to avoid…
1. There’s a dumpling shop near the gym on Saturday mornings that I have to pass on the way to the carpark
2. I thought I ordered a small portion … oops
3. I already ate a crappy breakfast so I might as well keep going
4. It would have been offensive to turn down the home-made red velvet birthday cupcakes offered to me at the kids party
5. Hot-cross buns were hypnotically calling my name – over and over
6. I needed to put something in my mouth … old-fashioned fat, hot chips seemed like the best option
And …
7. Fur face needed a challenge – all his other clients actually listen to him
On the bright side, I could use this weekend personality defect to my advantage. Apparently in Asia, there is a disturbing growing trend where people actually pay money to watch others binge-eat online – yes, FOOD PORN is a real thing. I know – so gross but keep an open mind – the average binge-eating site earns $9,000 a month from advertising! Now that’s what I call a fat profit!
So no surprises last Sunday night when in a post-weekend-binge-hazy-brain-fog I called Adonis hysterically …
“How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about my life is food?” I wailed.
I could hear him let out a big sigh before calmly reassuring me.
“Dana …it’s not about being perfect all the time that’s impossible. – it’s about looking forward and putting what is done behind us. And when you bring that mindset EVERY SINGLE DAY that’s how change occurs and that’s when transformations happen.
And so it begins … my eyes are now glued firmly on the present.

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