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Getting and staying in shape is not an easy task. For most, the struggle is real. With our busy lives, balancing home, family, work, and exercise schedules can be difficult for anyone. Our mission and our passion at Empower Personal Training & Nutrition is to help our clients get healthier, stronger and happier.

Personal training is about much more than having someone next to you in the gym. Personal training is essentially about motivation, partnership, guidance, and lifestyle support – to ensure you are in the best position to reach and exceed your individual goals. We don’t throw the word “partner” around without meaning, and we accept the responsibility to do our part in helping you make your goals and new lifestyle a reality. You will find our knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and motivation a powerful energy for you to partner with. Together we will only succeed.

Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Bondi. Following your initial needs analysis, an individual program will be designed to meet your specific requirements. Our clients come from various lifestyle backgrounds with a number of different goals. We never impose our own goals on a client. We listen, advise and then coach with that specific goal in mind.

Whether you have been training by yourself for years or are completely new to exercise, Empower’s personalised training programs can help you get past a plateau in your routine or ease you into exercising in a safe way.

Personalised Programs

We identify your specific training & nutritional goals and create a plan for you to achieve your desired results.


A non-intimidating, motivating neighborhood environment.

Client Success

We have helped many people of all ages overcome their emotional and physical barriers to achieve their health goals.



” Empowering others is truly my passion! It’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling and performing at your highest level. My promise to you as a client is that myself and my team will be there every step of your journey with energy, passion, drive, and eagerness for helping you succeed.

From day one we are in your corner checking in on you. We will consistently do our best to motivate and educate you. You only have one life to live and one body to live it in.”

Patrick’s passion for helping others was ignited by a close family member with a disability who experienced poor rehabilitation options. He then witnessed his father suffer various physical and mental health issues due to morbid obesity and lack of physical condition. This inspired Patrick to complete a bachelor’s degree in Sports & Exercise Science. He commenced work as a Personal Trainer and in March 2018 was awarded the prestigious International Personal Trainer of the Year award.

His first client was his father, who he supported to lose over 30kgs. Over the years Patrick has had celebrated success in helping many people of all ages overcome their emotional and physical barriers to achieve their health goals. Patrick’s dream of opening his own facility where he can empower people’s lives has now come to fruition with the opening of Empower Personal Training & Nutrition studio at 101 Bondi Road, Bondi.



Our team of Personal Trainers are inherently motivated, and a great trainer knows how to motivate others. Even on the days you don’t feel up to exercising, your trainer can get you moving and before you know it, you’re done. A regular appointment makes you accountable to your fitness program.

If you have been exercising over a period of time, but don’t feel like you are making any progress getting stronger, fitter or leaner, our trainers can help you break through this “plateau,” by making sure you are using proper form, which is essential to building strength and avoiding injury. In addition, the body ceases to grow stronger if you do the same routine over and over again. We continually introduce new exercises to challenge your body in different ways to increase strength and ensure progress.

All of our trainers have tertiary education and experience to provide a safe exercise program even if you have heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or any other condition. Our personal trainers have learned how to work with rehabilitation injuries as part of their certification program. They will teach you how to exercise around your old injury while preventing new ones from occurring.



When you trust us with your time and your body, our commitment in return is to tailor the most effective and appropriate program for you while supporting you to make sustainable, healthy habits which will last a lifetime.

We personalise programs to help people overcome and manage a number of issues including:

  • Fat loss
  • Strength & Mobility for seniors
  • Emotional Eating
  • Obesity
  • Muscle Gain
  • Increase fitness
  • Pre and post natal
  • Sports specific
  • Rehabilitation after injury and surgery
  • Post-stroke
  • Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes
  • MS


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0433 400 925


0414 766 669



Imagine being surrounded by energetic people in a social atmosphere where people know you. The space itself is attractive and upscale. The classes are led by inspiring instructors. They’re playing motivating music, and you’re pushed to your limits in a unique blend of fun, intensity, and camaraderie.

The Empower studio experience is intimate. it’s modern, fun, intense, and you come out feeling like you performed at your peak with a little bit of euphoria you can carry with you for the rest of your day.

We are conveniently located at 101 Bondi Road, Bondi. Parking is easy (unmetered) and we are a 10 min walk from Bondi Junction Westfield and train station. A bus-stop is situated outside our studio to take you directly to Bondi Junction Bus Interchange or the city.

The studio layout has been carefully planned to create a bright, inspiring and motivating ambience. We have the latest high tech equipment to maximise your results. There are lockers, change rooms, showers and filtered water for your convenience.

We are a 3 minute walk to Waverley Park and a 10 minute walk to Bondi Beach, which means some classes will take advantage of training outdoors while your personal belongings are locked safely inside.